NAPTAC will provide universal TA to all parent centers on providing effective, culturally responsive services to Native American parents of children with disabilities, as well as to youth with disabilities. The Native American PTAC will also provide differentiated, targeted, and intensive TA to parent centers requesting additional support to build their capacity to provide services to Native American parents of children with disabilities and Native American youth with disabilities.  The TA will use strategies tailored to the individual needs, diverse cultures, and unique geography to enable parent centers to increase their capacity to reach and provide services to Native American parents and youth in their areas, support Native American parental engagement in school reform activities, and build Native American youth’s self-advocacy skills. 

How we can assist Parent Centers:

  1. Assist established relationships with tribal communities, programs, families and schools that serve the Native American student population.
  2. Help Improve supports to Native American families through advocacy, training, information dissemination and follow-up.
  3. Increased understanding of multiple levels of systems and supports (Tribal, State, National) as it relates to Native American children and youth with disabilities.
  4. Help Parent Centers established relationships with local contacts in their tribal communities (Tribal Early Head Start/Head Start, BIE-FACE, Early Intervention, BIE schools, Indian Education contact for public schools).
  5. Increased level of confidence and competence in working with Native American families of children and youth with disabilities in rural setting.
  6. Increase Parent Centers presence of Native American families and tribal representatives on State Advisory Boards, IDEA panels, ICC committees and on the Parent Center Leadership (Board of Directors or Advisory Boards).
  7. Increased involvement of Native American families accessing Part C Early Intervention and engaged in IEP meetings, school-community partnership opportunities and attendance in activities and learning opportunities sponsored by Parent Centers.
  8. Presence of mindfulness of cultural perceptions on development and disability thereby approach in engaging families is culturally considerate and appropriate; and being open and receptive to incorporating the traditional/spiritual aspects of Native American culture.