NAPTAC, Native American Parent Technical Assistance Center | 888-499-2070

NAPTAC will provide 3 levels of Technical Assistance to OSEP funded Parent Training and Information Centers (PTI’s) and Community Parent Resource Centers (CPRC).


OSEP describes Universal TA as “TA and information provided to independent users through their own initiative, resulting in minimal interaction with TA center staff. This category of TA includes information or products, such as newsletters, guidebooks, or research syntheses, downloaded from the PTAC’s Web site by independent users. Brief communications by PTAC staff with recipients, either by telephone or email, are also considered universal, general TA.”

OSEP describes Targeted TA as “TA services developed based on needs common to multiple recipients and not extensively individualized. A relationship is established between the TA recipient and one or more TA center staff. This category of TA can be one-time, labor-intensive events, such as facilitating strategic planning or hosting regional or national meetings. TA can also be episodic, less labor-intensive events that extend over a period of time, such as facilitating a series of conference calls on single or multiple topics that are designed around the needs of the recipients. Facilitating communities of practice can also be considered targeted, specialized TA.”

OSEP describes Intensive TA as “intensive TA” may be provided to Parent Centers by the regional PTACs and the Native American PTAC. “Intensive TA” is described by OSEP as “TA services often provided on-site and requiring a stable, ongoing, negotiated relationship between the TA center staff and the TA recipient. The TA relationship is defined as a purposeful, planned series of activities designed to reach an outcome that is valued by the individual recipient. This category of TA results in changes to policy, program, practice, or operations that support increased recipient capacity or improved outcomes at one or more levels.”